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Because I thought they should be saved: (Edited to be more readable… - The 2 & 4 AM club [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Jan. 21st, 2007|06:04 am]
The 2 & 4 AM club


Because I thought they should be saved: (Edited to be more readable and to get rid of random bits of convo. ♥)

Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Crowley: -looking at Ranyl- Who's the nerdy kid?
mwpp are love: Azi: Leave him alone, dear. He'd be terrified by you.
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Azi would
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: forever more
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: have to protect Ranyl
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: from Irvine and Crowley
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: XD
mwpp are love: XD! YES
mwpp are love: Crowley: *tempts Ranyl with half-naked pics of Irvine while Irvine struts about half naked*
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: XDDDD
mwpp are love: XDDDD
mwpp are love: Azi: *blindfolds Ranyl*
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: damn XD
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Crowley: -vanishes the blindfold-
mwpp are love: He's a thwarter! XD
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: XDDD
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: he's tempting!
mwpp are love: Ranyl: *blushing and trying not to nosebleed*
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Irvine; -huggs Ranyl from behind- ^.~
mwpp are love: Azi: *turns the pics into half naked ones of Quisty, with a sigh*
mwpp are love: Ranyl: *meeps*
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Crowley: -turns them into half-naked Azi without meaning to-
mwpp are love: Azi: At least she hasn't got a boyfriend!
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: fm: >D
mwpp are love: Azi: O.o!!!!!!
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Irvine: -covers Ranyl's eyes-
mwpp are love: Ranyl: *does his best not to snuggle up to Irvine*
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: he's got a crush on the entire family
mwpp are love: Azi: *gives Crowley a curious look*
mwpp are love: he does!
mwpp are love: but he respects Irvine and Tidus too much to ever even admit that to himself
mwpp are love: XD
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Crowley: -does his best to look perplexed, and changes the pictures into that of something harmless-
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: awww XD
mwpp are love: Azi: >.> Crowley...?
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Crowley: -not really looking at him- What?
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Irvine: -carries Ranyl away- The sexual tension would crush you, puppy.
mwpp are love: Azi: ...Oh, um... Nothing, dear. *blushing*
mwpp are love: Ranyl: Sexual tension? Really? *missed it*
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Crowley: -nods and gets up to leave, completely not attempting to pocket one of the pictures-
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Irvine: -sighs- You would've, you know? -pets-
mwpp are love: Azi: *stays him with a hand on his arm* Would you be up for a glass of wine, then?
mwpp are love: Ranyl: *pouts* I'll get it one day. XP
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Crowley: -looks at watch, as IF he had somewhere to be- Yeah, alright.
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Irvine: Don't pout. It's terribly cute and it'll make me do horrible things to you. -wink-
mwpp are love: Azi: Oh, oh good. *pulls out one of the pictures he'd snagged before Crowley turned them* I'd never wear that, you know. *points at the speedo*
mwpp are love: Ranyl: O.O *blushes and sees if he can find any of the half-naked!Quisty pictures lying about*
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Crowley: -thanking someone for shades, says snap-ish-ly- Yeah, good to know, Angel. I'll keep that in mind.
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Irvine: Are you planning on going-off to pictures of my sister? D<
mwpp are love: Azi: *tries not to smile* You don't have to be all snappy, you know.
mwpp are love: Ranyl: N-n-no! I was just, um, going to throw them all away so that no one else would see them so she wouldn't get embarrassed and all. >.>
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Crowley: Just get out the blessed wine. >/
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Irvine: mHM. Of course you were...That would be a plausible excuse for you, you know...If you didn't know as well as I did that she wouldn't even really be embarrased =P
mwpp are love: Azi: Right. Would you prefer red or white, dear? *goes to the wine cabinet*
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Crowley: Red. You have to ask?
mwpp are love: Ranyl: I would never... do THAT, though!!!
mwpp are love: Azi: Just wondering. In case you were looking for a change in... flavor. *grabs the red*
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Irvine: ....You're saving them for your collection aren't you? Aww, Ranyl, do you have a stalker collection dedicated to Quisty?
mwpp are love: Ranyl: NO! Irvine! Of course not!!! I was just l-looking for... >.> iwaslookingforadistractionokay? >.< *blushing!!!*
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Crowley: Well now you know. Where're the glasses in this place?
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Irvine: -raises eyebrow- A distraction? D= From what, puppy? -messes with Ranyl's hair-
mwpp are love: Azi: Right, then. *grabs some glasses and pours the wine* Now they're in front of you.
mwpp are love: Ranyl: *gives him an annoyed look* N-nothing. Um, how annoying you are. *trying really hard to lie nonchalantly*
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Crowley: -begins to drink it, probably faster than he should, makes a face- I take it back. Do you have anything stronger?
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Irvine: Mhm. Nice look, Ranyl. You've really gotten that one down, but I see we still need to work on your lying <3
mwpp are love: Azi: There's always brandy? *gives him a perplexed look* In the mood to get drunk, are you?
mwpp are love: Ranyl: I'm not lying! >.>
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Crowley: That'll work. -vanishes wine and glasses- And yeah, I think tonight I need it.
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Irvine: There! See! That one right there! That was much better. Try getting the first one like that next time.
mwpp are love: Azi: *sighs and conjures up the brandy and two larger glasses, not wanting to get up again* Is there something peculiar about tonight, then?
mwpp are love: Ranyl: ...I think you're making fun of me. XP
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Crowley: -frowns as he opens the glass and pours himself, then Azi some- No, I didn't say that. I just said I think I need it. Suddenly joined the Temperance movement, angel?
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Irvine: But I'm not D= -makes a face- How can you say that? I was just...giving you pointers....D;
mwpp are love: Azi: *takes a sip* You know that wasn't my idea, dear, though some of my side seemed to approve. I'm merely asking about you, is all.
mwpp are love: Ranyl: Pointers on how to lie, which I wasn't even doing. >.> don't be upset, are you upset? I didn't mean it like that. D=
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Crowley: They would. Gabriel and the others will never get what makes this stuff worth it. -doooowns it, pours more- Nothing to ask about anyway.
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Irvine: You're a fast learner, Ranyl -sniffs- I'm so proud <3 because yes, yes you were, and no, no I'm not. -huggles- X3
mwpp are love: Azi: Gabriel's a bit of a bastard, you know. *finishes off his glass* Tell me why you need the Brandy?
mwpp are love: Ranyl: Fine, whatever you say. *relieved* <3
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Crowley: Of course I know. Every one on both sides knows...Except Belial of course. Between you and me, I think he likes it. -pours Azi another, takes a smaller drink off his own- Just been a hassle of a week, is all
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Irvine: Now...about that book I got you...
mwpp are love: Azi: Belial likes anyone with authority, dear. Raphael, however, is a poofter if I ever saw one. Gay as monkeys. In love wih Gabriel, from what I hear. *sips some more* It has been, hasn't it?
mwpp are love: Ranyl: The... theoneaboutsex? *looks around to see if anyone heard*
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Crowley: But he'll never admit it. It's a thing about demons-*cuts self off* I thought Raphael was in it for Uriel? Or have I got that backwards? -drinks a bit as well- It has, or I wouldn't have said so.
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Irvine: Yes. Now I'm sure you've had your share of...hands-on training, but just remember to go over that book, at least the first few pages, before you go out with my sister.
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Irvine: You won't necessarily mean to end up with her that night, of course, but there's a reason she used to summon Siren...
mwpp are love: Azi: What's a thing about demons? *raises eyebrow* On the outside. But I heard that behind closed doors, is another story altogether.
mwpp are love: Azi: *finishes his glass again, a bit surprised at himself* Trying to make conversation, dear. You're a bit uppity tonight.
mwpp are love: Ranyl: I have not! And for the last time, I'm not going out with her! Didn't she go on that pirate ship or whatever?
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Crowley: Nothing. -plays the different sides card- Nothing I could tell an angel in good conscious, anyway. I see. Guess that explains that. Let me guess, that self-righteous Michael still won't admit to having it in for anyone?
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Crowley: -finishes off own glass, pours Azi and himself some more, mumbles before another sip- 'm not.
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Irvine: Huh...-thinks- What's this about a pirate ship...? ._.
mwpp are love: Azi: Oh don't pull that with me, you old serpent! We have an arrangement, remember? Michael's the same as always. Hasn't admitted to the fact that he bloody loves himself, and no one is going to compare to that!
mwpp are love: Azi: *sips his much more slowly, this time* You are too. *feels childish saying it*
mwpp are love: Ranyl: Oh, I thought she mentioned something about it... >.> but um, the point is I'm not dating her!
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Crowley: -rolls eyes a little- If it's a part of the Arrangement, then don't you have to give up some little angelic tidbit to match my demonic morsel? How's that one fellow...What was it? Vevaliah? Yeah. Not a bad guy.
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Crowley: Least he's got a head on his shoulders (fm:-loves on vevaliah- >.>) -gives a look- what's next? rubber and glue?
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Irvine: -gestures vaguely- Right, right, but you should you know. She says you treat her like she's actually a woman, and she likes that. Now. What's this mess about pirates? D= She joined them? D=
mwpp are love: Azi: Oh, well, fine. What do you want to know? *huffs* Vevaliah's doing quite well, for himself actually. Got himself a comendation, last I'd heard. (Misty: *totally didn't have to look him up on google* >.>)
mwpp are love: Azi: That depends, dear, on exactly how childish you plan to be before the night is over. *huffs again*
mwpp are love: Ranyl: No, I really don't think I should. And o-of course I do! She is a woman! Um, I don't know? You'd have to ask her. ^.^;;;
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: lol <3 there's not much anywhere on him D; but according to..ahh...the Lesser Key of Solomon, I believe, he's one of two angels assigned to the week I was born. >.>
mwpp are love: oh wow
mwpp are love: XD
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: yeah -lamer- XD
mwpp are love: no, that's cool! XD
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Crowley: -spreads hands carelessly and shrugs- Surprise me. You've done it before. Ah, right. Good for him. Commendation. ...been awhile since you've had one, hasn't it? -snake-y grin-
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Crowley: I don't plan on it at all. I generally leave that sort of thing to your people.
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Irvine: Yes, yes you should. And yeah, she is, but most people tend to forget that.
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Irvine: Huh. I should...maybe I'll e-mail her just like she did me...how's this: QUISTIS TREPE! what the hell are you thinking!? Running off to play pirate!?
mwpp are love: Azi: Oh goodness. Well I daresay you should go first, since you've already got something prepared! And yes, it is good for him. Been a bit for you as well, demon. *huffs*
mwpp are love: Azi: See, there you go again, being snippy. It's really quite unneccesary.
mwpp are love: Ranyl: She wouldn't say yes! And, um... how?
mwpp are love: Ranyl: I d-don't know if that's such a good idea. ^.^;;;
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Crowley: ....You'd better hold up your end of this, angel. Demons don't like admitting things. Especially not things like that. They haven't and they never will. There. Big secret exposed. Now, your end.
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Crowley: Yeah, it has. Not since before the Almost-Apocalypse...But no one's said anything and I'm not reminding them. ...Alright fine. -drinks a bit more- I'm sorry.
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Irvine: You don't know that! -shrugs- She's also an officer, remember? SeeD and all, and those heads-up-asses tend to forget that they command people, not pawns on a chess board.
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Irvine: Everyone else just isn't as sweet as you Ranyl. In every sense of the word. ....I think I agree. Maybe I'll wait til she posts or something...
mwpp are love: Azi: *blinks* That was it? All that trouble for that? *sighs* Angels don't like to admit things either. Goodness. You'd think that it would have been something worth knowing, for all that you wouldn't tell me.
mwpp are love: Azi: No, not since then... It's been nice, if quiet, I suppose. *takes another sip* ...Thank you.
mwpp are love: Ranyl: Oh, well, yeah. I guess I can see that. And I'm not sweet, Irvine. Just honest. And maybe I just heard her wrong, you know? ^.^;;; *feels bad*
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Crowley: I told you. -secretinwardangstofomgIwanttotellhim- And that doesn't count as your bit, by the way, but thanks for it.
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Crowley: It's unnerving sometimes is what it really is. But yeah. Nice. Every now and then. -just nods as he finishes this glass and pours himself yet another-
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Irvine: -nods- Yes you are! You and Kuja both. Couple of cupcakes....fruitcakes even. ^_~ No, no. -waves dismissively to the idea- I doubt you did. It's the kind of things she -would- do, you know? -plays with hair idly-
mwpp are love: Azi: Well are you sure it isn't just a personal choice, dear? If you want to admit something, I'd be glad to do the same. Make it even and all. And fine.
mwpp are love: Azi: Er... last I heard, Gabriel got in trouble for going soft on Raphael for a punishment. Sounds like some under-the-table bribing, if you get my drift. *has nothing better to offer*
mwpp are love: Azi: And, well, yes, it is that, as well. *drinks a bit more, watching Crowley*
mwpp are love: Ranyl: I am not a fruitcake. XP. Or a cupcake. Or any type of food. And, well, um... I'm sorry. *guilty*
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Crowley: Personal choice? What's a personal choice? -eyes him- And seriously I doubt you've got anything stashed away quite like this. -waves hand- Keep your goody-gossip, Aziraphale. -drinks a little more- :3
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: ....:3 = fm XD
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Crowley: Has your side said anything about it? Dropped any hints? ....and quit looking at me like that.
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Irvine: Yeah, you're my puppy. My deep in the river of denial, but I still love him anyways, puppy~ <3 Aw, for what, sug'? -chu's-
mwpp are love: Azi: Whether or not to admit anything. You could, if you wanted to. *small grin* Don't assume that you know me, serpent. And there's nothing else I have to offer you that you don't already know, dear.
mwpp are love: Azi: If you're so inisitant, ask me a question or something. And no, nothing at all. *finishes his glass* Looking at you like what, dear?
mwpp are love: Ranyl: I am not in denial! XP! And for saying anything about Quisty... I feel bad now.
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Crowley: -considers this as he takes a big gulp of drink- No, I'm pretty sure it's all demons. -considers the next few lines, again taking a sizable drink, finally-
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Crowley: Carnal relations, yes or no? -refills Azi's glass instead of looking at him-
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Irvine: Sure you are <3 and that's O.K. Why do you feel bad about that? Was I not supposed to know? I'd have found out eventually anyways. I usually do. Probably comes from living with her.
mwpp are love: Azi: *blinks and blushes a bit* personally, or angels in general? *staring at the glass in front of him*
mwpp are love: Ranyl: *sighs* XP. Oh, well, I mean, I just shouldn't have, is all. I don't want to cause trouble between you two. *feels dumb*
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Crowley: Personally. -eyeing him a bit from behind glasses, but trying to seem like isn't looking anywhere specific- I don't deal with the rest enough to really care.
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Irvine: Oh. Ohh..Ranyl, don't worry about that.
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Irvine: That last time....I really, really deserved it....and besides. she and I have been at odds before. doesn't mean there's always trouble...but you -have- siblings! you should know that =P
mwpp are love: Azi: Oh, well, er. *looks around, at anything but Crowley*... *clears throat* Not... not in a long time. *blushing rather heavily now, takes a sip of his drink, glancing up quickly to try and read Crowley's reaction*
mwpp are love: Ranyl: O-okay. *hugs* You didn't, but okay. And I do! But for the most part, they all ignore me. It works, though.
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Crowley: Hnm. -swirls drink around a bit before finishing off this glass, but doesn't go for another yet- When was the last time? That Wilde guy, right? He wrote the, ah, Picture of Somebody or Another, right? -attempting nonchalance
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Irvine: -squeezes- X3 I did, and that's that. Well...whatever works for you...Besides, after you propose to Quisty -I- can be your sexy brother in law.
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Irvine: And after I, ah, propose to Tidus -small tinge of red here- He can be your -other- sexy brother in law
mwpp are love: Azi: The Picture of Dorian Grey, yes. *looking away again, clearly embarrassed* And, no, that wasn't it. I've, er. Never. With a man. *blushing*
mwpp are love: Ranyl: IRVINE. I'm NOT proposing! And, well, I'm already closer to you than any of my siblings. Proposing to Tidus? *eyes well up with happy tears* That's so sweet! You two are amazing together! <333
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Crowley: -eyebrow raise and pours self drink now, taking a sip- Must not have been any truth to those rumors then. So much for trusting Dagon to know anything.
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Crowley: I'm curious now though, angel. How does a human woman go about tempting an angel better than a demon -immediately regrets that last part-
mwpp are love: Azi: Rumors? *Wide eyes* What kind of rumors? Dagon? *flustered*
mwpp are love: Azi: It wasn't about temptation, dear. Not all sex is a sin. *raises eyebrow at that last bit* Looking for tips?
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Irvine, hokay, for realz this time: You're right. Dates first, maybe live together for awhile...make sure you can put up with her. Aw, I'm glad puppy <3 and
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Irvine: -embarrassed- Hush! he probably won't say yes anyway. He'll probably say we're too young, or what if something happens, or..or something as equally full of common sense and Tidus like as that
mwpp are love: Ranyl: Irvine! FINE. If you'll stop bugging me about it, I'll ask her out, okay? She won't say yes, and then you can stop making this stuff up just to embarrass me! *huffs*
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: crowley at this point = ofuk, straight
mwpp are love: Azi doesn't get it
mwpp are love: XD
mwpp are love: Crowley should ask if he'd ever considered it or something
mwpp are love: THEN he'll get an interesting answer
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: XDDD
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: he will >D
mwpp are love: Ranyl: Well, it's still sweet to think about. *smiles*
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Crowley: Nothing that bears repeating, believe me. It was from a long time ago. Hnm. Suppose not. -drink again- I'm the last person who would. ..have you ever considered a man, though?
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Irvine: So what do I get if she says yes? :3
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Irvine: and yeah....yeah it is....>>;
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Crowley: Or...a man shaped something?
mwpp are love: Azi: Hm. I'm not satisfied with that, you know. *takes another sip, then nearly chokes on it* *blushes very, very deeply* Er... I don't think this is really fair. You haven't answered any questions at all.
mwpp are love: Misty: Hey Crowley? That means yes. =D *helpful*
mwpp are love: XDDDD
mwpp are love: Misty: *shot*
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: XDDDD
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Kuja: -leads Misty away- Let them have their denial for now, sweet
mwpp are love: Misty: Oh, fine. *follows Kuja*
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Kuja; Have a muffin?
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: XD
mwpp are love: Ranyl: She WON'T, but if she does, you... I don't know. Get to plan it or something. v.v;;; *hugs for the Tidus proposal*
mwpp are love: Misty: Why yes, thank you.
mwpp are love: XD
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Kuja: Of course ^___^
mwpp are love: XDDD
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Crowley: -rolls eyes a little- What am I supposed to be answering?
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Irvine: Yes! Score~ It'll be the best. I promise =D and -huggs back- thanks ^^
mwpp are love: Azi: *still blushing* Um, same question. The first one you posed. *absolutely fascinated by the clock hanging on the opposite wall. Yep.*
mwpp are love: Ranyl: Don't get too excited. She's not going to say yes.
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: ...what was the first one?
mwpp are love: the sex question
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: OH
mwpp are love: XDDD
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: yeah, carnal relations
mwpp are love: THOSE
mwpp are love: XD
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: -chuckles-
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: XDD
mwpp are love: *loves on the phrase*
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: -as well- XDD ...-has carnal relations with the phrase-
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: XD -shot for dumb-
mwpp are love: XDDDDDDDDD
mwpp are love: WIN, FM
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Crowley: -omgwtfembarrassed, takes drink almost to mouth- No. -drrriiiinkkks-
mwpp are love: Azi: Oh. *perplexed* Really?
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Irvine: Yes she will! aw, man! why'd she have to leave for this pirate business now?? Hm. Oh well. Gives us plenty of time to get you a nice outfit
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Irvine: and to fit in some practice dinners -nods-
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Crowley: Yeah. -fills 'er up, and he's going to be all inebriated soon 8D-
mwpp are love: Ranyl: She'll say something like, "Aw, how sweet," that will really mean, "No way in hell!" *sighs* ...But, okay.
mwpp are love: Azi: ...why? *REGRET REGRET REGRET! DRINKS!!!*
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Irvine; -pokes- Hey! That's not nice at all, no she won't
mwpp are love: Ranyl: *is poked* Sorry. Well she won't say yes, okay?
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: fm: -thinks Azi is a winnar- Crowley: -shrugs & complimentary sip- ...Had my eye on someone else. -wants to smack some sense into himself 8D-
Ha1o 1n R3v3rs3: Irvine: You won't know until you ask. That's how the world works, isn't it?
mwpp are love: Misty: *DYING!* Azi: ...That's... interesting. *takes a drink and makes a reckless decision* Yes I've considered carnal relations with, er, a man. Who?
mwpp are love: Ranyl: I'll ask, promise. I just don't want to get my hopes up, is all. ♥♥

And that's when FM had to go. X3
...To be continued? XD